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What is the art and science or profession of planning, designing and constructing building in their totality taking into account their environment, in accordance with the principles of utility, strength and beauty?


What is an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances of a body of fact on science and art?


From which word does the term 'Architecture' originated, meaning 'Great-Builder'?


Which architectural theory has become a part of modern culture in architecture and is still respected and applied in modern design?

Vitruvian Triad

What is a guide to understanding people’s appreciation, utilization, and behavior inside the built environment which are relevant to the design process?

Architectural Theory

What is the most important building of Wright's late career?

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Who is the architect of the Guggenheim Museum, known for its unique spiral ramp and domed skylight?

Frank Lloyd Wright

According to the ancient Roman architect and critic Vitruvius, what are the three principles of architecture?

Delight, Strength & Commodity

Who is the author of the celebrated treatise 'De architectura' (On Architecture), a handbook for Roman architects?

Marcus Vitruvius Polio

Which architect quoted 'Architecture is the mastery, correct and the magnificent play of masses brought together in light'?

Frank Lloyd Wright

Which structure exemplifies the harmonious integration of interacting and inter-related parts into a complex & unified whole?

Villa Savoye

What term describes the three-dimensional integration of program elements and spaces accommodating the multiple functions and relationships of a house?


What aspect of architecture does four exterior wall planes define within a rectangular volume containing program elements and spaces?


Who designed one of the first sky scrapers in New York and the Woolworth Building built in 1911-13?

Cass Gilbert

'Where the architect task is to restore a correct order of values… it is still the architect duty to attempt to humanize age of machines. But this should not be done without regard for form' belongs to which architect's philosophy?

Peter Behrens

'The first school to pioneer architectural course in Philippines established in year 1925 by Tomas Mapua after his return in US' refers to which school?


Test your knowledge of the art and science of planning, designing and constructing buildings with this multiple-choice quiz. Choose the correct answer by selecting the corresponding letter.

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