Theorists of Learning and Development Quiz

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Who is known for the concept of 'learning by doing'?

Which theorist is associated with the tabula rasa concept?

Who is known for the idea of 'operant conditioning'?

Which theorist is linked to 'social cognitivism' and 'scaffolding'?

What was a major cause of both World War I and World War II?

In which organization is the Philippines a member to fight communist aggression?

The theory that population increases by geometrical ratio while the means of subsistence increases by arithmetical ratio is attributed to whom?

In what instance is the Filipino double-standard morality shown?

Which part of Asia does the Arabian peninsula occupy?

What important factors have contributed to the weakness in the internalization of desirable values?

Who is responsible for the enforcement of laws in a government?

Which class of Filipinos were considered free and independent?

Which Spanish expedition was responsible for naming the archipelago Filipinas?

Who was the third and last military governor of the Philippines?

Which Katipunan member commuted from Cavite to Manila to buy materials used to make ammunitions?

Which economic system is based on free enterprise?

How is colonial mentality manifested?

What is a safeguard against unfair trade practices like short-weighing?

In which continent can we find stormy Cape Horn, known as the graveyard of ships and sailors?


Test your knowledge about influential theorists in the fields of learning and development, including John Dewey, Jean Piaget, and B.F. Skinner. Explore their contributions and theories through this quiz.

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