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According to Emile Durkheim's influence on education, what are considered as the two fundamental elements?

What did Alvin Toffler foresee about the future of education?

What is the main emphasis of Paolo Freire's approach to education?

According to John Goodlad, what is the emphasis in curriculum development?

What does William Pinar propose to broaden the conception of curriculum?

According to Perennialism, what is the aim of education?

Who is considered the proponent/theorist of Progressivism?

Which philosopher is associated with Essentialism?

Who contributed to the theoretical and pedagogical foundations of concepts development in social studies curriculum?

Which individual is known as the Father of Classical Conditioning Theory and developed the Stimulus-Response Theory?

Who proposed the 3 Laws of Learning, including the Law of Readiness and the Law of Effect?

Which psychologist introduced tasking in the formation of objectives?

What is the starting point in any curriculum decision-making?

What does philosophy become in determining the aims, selection, and organization of the curriculum?

What general question does philosophy help answer in the context of curriculum?

What does philosophy help determine about the curriculum?

Which aspect of the curriculum does philosophy help in deciding, as mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge of Robert Gagne's learning theories with this quiz. Explore concepts such as connectionism theory, the 3 Laws of Learning, and the hierarchical learning theory proposed by Gagne in the 1960s.

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