Theories of Development in Developmental Psychology

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What do developmental theories offer explanations about?

What does a theory provide the researcher with?

How are theories developed using induction?

What type of theory is psychoanalytic theory?

What are theories proposed explanations for?

According to psychoanalytic theory, human behavior is primarily the function of reaction to __________ stimuli.

According to Freud's psychosexual development stages, during which stage does a child's pleasure focus on the genitals?

What did Freud emphasize as extensively shaping development according to psychoanalytic theories?

During which psychosexual stage do children tend to play with their same-gender peers?

Which psychoanalytic theory describes development as primarily unconscious and heavily colored by emotion?


Explore the key aspects of four theoretical orientations to development: Psychoanalytic, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social cognitive and Ecological. Understand the value of theories as tools for understanding human behavior.

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