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What is The Weakest Link?

How do the contestants win in The Weakest Link?

What happens at the end of each round in The Weakest Link?

Which country produced the original version of The Weakest Link?

Who was the original host of The Weakest Link in the UK?

Why did the format distributor BBC Worldwide change the rules of The Weakest Link?

What is the top prize in the revived 2020 US version of The Weakest Link?

What is the unique feature of the Croatian version of The Weakest Link?

What is the common characteristic of most hosts in The Weakest Link?


The Weakest Link is a television game show where a team of contestants answer general knowledge questions to win a cash jackpot. The team must answer questions correctly to create chains of correct answers within a time limit. At the end of each round, the players vote one contestant, "The Weakest Link," out of the game. The format has been licensed across the world, with many countries producing their own series of the programme, making it the second most popular international franchise. The show was first aired in the UK on BBC Two in 2000. The host of the original UK series is Anne Robinson, who was chosen to be firm with contestants but began to act harsh and nasty to them. The format distributor BBC Worldwide changed the rules to allow international hosts to be nicer and more relaxed to the contestants. The revived 2020 US version has a top prize that increases after each round and uses a buzzer added to each contestant's podium. The latest French version (aired from 2014 to 2015) also does not use the clock and money tree for the final round. The Dutch version that started in May 2019 saw round 8 cut from the format after airing the show for two weeks. The format is distributed by BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the BBC, and produced by different production companies. Most versions have disciplinarian female hosts, with exceptions being comedians. In Croatia, the quiz reached its 1,008th episode in May 2010 and is the only version to have reached as many episodes.


Do you have what it takes to avoid being "The Weakest Link"? Test your general knowledge in this quiz based on the popular television game show. Answer questions correctly to create chains of correct answers within a time limit, just like the contestants on the show. See if you can make it to the end without being voted off by your fellow players. With versions of the show airing all over the world, this quiz is sure to challenge your knowledge and keep you on your toes. Are you ready to

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