The Use of Checklists by Supervisors

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What is another name for 'management by walking around'?

Supervising from afar

Why is it important to ensure checklists are tailored to individual needs?

To ensure congruence between requirements and actions

What key aspect should be considered when developing a dual-purpose checklist?

Covering all process aspects

Why should instances of staff conduct below expectations never be ignored?

To maintain standards

How can checklists assist in monitoring staff performance?

By providing guidance on tasks

What is the purpose of professional approach according to the text?

To ensure service is provided as a pleasure

What is one way to acknowledge an individual's good performance to the whole team?

Give a presentation of awards

Why should all negative feedback be given in private?

To save embarrassment for the worker involved

What should a supervisor do after providing feedback to staff for performance improvement?

Plan follow-up coaching sessions

What is one form that an award for good performance may take?

Certificate or plaque

Which of the following is NOT a method to help staff modify their performance?

Offering incentives

Why is giving positive feedback important when providing criticism?

To balance the negative with positive reinforcement

What is the main focus of a mentoring relationship?

Career planning

Which coaching technique is described as a common and popular method in the text?


What is the duration of a typical mentoring relationship according to the text?

6-12 months

In coaching, what should strategies be focused on according to the text?

The learners' needs

What is NOT mentioned as a method used in coaching for on-the-job training?


What is one of the key aspects involved in coaching demonstrations according to the text?

Following manufacturers' instructions for equipment demonstration

Why do supervisors use checklists to monitor staff food handling activities?

To introduce consistency across all staff performance

What is a benefit of using a comprehensive checklist for monitoring staff activities?

Ensuring that all aspects of the job are included in the monitoring process

What is the importance of maintaining staff awareness regarding their performance and standards?

It is critical to maintaining the standards themselves

Why is it important for all team members to have training and development opportunities?

To ensure all staff members have an opportunity to improve their skill set

What is the difference between staff training and staff development?

Staff training focuses on future skills, while staff development addresses immediate needs

What is one characteristic of successful teams mentioned in the text?

'Skill set' improvement opportunities for all team members

What is a key aspect of providing practice opportunities?

Giving remedial input

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a successful manager according to the text?

Showing authority by micromanaging

How can managers gain control of organizational resources?

By showcasing competent behavior

Why is it important for managers to always be on public show to the staff?

To provide a role model for staff behavior

What can undermine a manager's authority in the workplace?

Not demonstrating competence and inspiring leadership

In what way can managers support their boss effectively?

By thinking laterally and finding solutions

Learn about how supervisors utilize checklists to monitor staff food handling activities and the benefits they bring into the monitoring process. Discover the importance of comprehensive checklists in ensuring no aspect of the job is overlooked and promoting consistency.

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