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Which branch of science studies the origin, evolution, structure, and fate of the universe?

What is the most accepted theory for the origin of the universe?

During the Planck Era, the universe was smaller than what?

What is the name of the era when the super force split into gravity and GUT force?

What caused the expansion of the universe during the Grand Unified Theory Era?

what is the fate of universe called

In what era did the inflation of the universe begin?

The _____ compromises that air we breathe

The_____ comprises the solid layer of earth

The_____comprises the 70% of the earth's surface that is water

The ______ pertains to life form, which includes us human

how are the subsystems interrelated?

was the first to propose that earth was not the center of the universe. but, central of fire

one of the greatest minds in the Greek Classical Antiquity, he believed that the center of the cosmos is the Earth

said that the universe was a finite and static closed four dimensional sphere. Einstein’s universe was homogenous, where matter spread smoothly throughout space.

a Greco-Egyptian mathematician, geographer, astrologer, and astronomer, popularized/furthered/elaborated the geocentric model, wherein celestial bodies revolved around the Earth. (Ptolemaic model)

seconded by Philolus Philolaus, but said that the central fire was actually the Sun. (Heliocentric model)




Albert Einstein

Claudius Ptolemy

The ____ is made of rocks, which in turn are composed of minerals.

are naturally occurring substances that build up the Earth’s crust.

________ preferably use the physical properties to identify newly discovered minerals.


Test your knowledge of cosmology and the Big Bang Theory with this quiz! Explore the Planck Era and learn about the fundamental forces that shape our universe. Challenge yourself and see how much you know about the origin, evolution, structure, and fate of the universe.

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