The Origin of the Universe

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According to the Big Bang theory, how did the universe begin?

As a hot and infinitely dense point

What is the Planck epoch?

A stage dominated by radiation after the Big Bang

What resulted from the end of the Planck epoch?

Gravity splitting away from the superforce

What is defined by key events shaping the universe?

The matter era

What dominated the radiation era right after the Big Bang?

Radiation and superforce

How long ago did the Big Bang occur according to the text?

13.7 billion years ago

During which epoch did the universe rapidly expand from the size of an atom to the size of a grapefruit?

Inflationary epoch

What was the first chemical element created in the universe?


In which epoch did the universe cool down enough for quarks to bind together and form protons and neutrons?

Hadron epoch

Which epoch was characterized by the fusion of protons and neutrons to create nuclei?

Nuclear epoch

What process helped create the universe's second element, hydrogen, during the atomic epoch?


Which stage in the universe's development is characterized by the formation of stars?

Stellar epoch

What caused a tremendous ripple effect and helped shape almost all the remaining elements in the universe?

Formation of stars

Explore the theories and creation myths that attempt to explain the mysterious genesis of the universe, including the widely accepted Big Bang theory. Delve into the scientific and philosophical concepts behind the origin of everything.

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