The True Cause of Earth's Seasons

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Which hemisphere experiences winter in December?

Northern Hemisphere

During which solstice is the sun farthest south?

Winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere

During which equinox is the noon sun directly overhead at the equator?

Both equinoxes

Which hemisphere receives the most direct sunlight in December?

Southern Hemisphere

What marks the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere?

Fall (autumnal) equinox

During which solstice is the sun farthest north?

Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere

What is the weather like in the Northern Hemisphere in December?


What is the weather like in the Southern Hemisphere in December?


What is the weather like in the Northern Hemisphere in March?


What is the weather like in the Southern Hemisphere in March?


Which of the following is the correct reason for the change in seasons?

Earth's axis is tilted

What would happen if the distance from the sun was the cause of seasons?

People in the Northern and Southern hemispheres would have the same seasons at the same time

What is Earth's axis?

An imaginary line that passes through Earth's center and the North and South poles

What causes day and night on Earth?

Earth's rotation

How long does it take Earth to rotate once on its axis?

24 hours

What is the motion of Earth around the sun called?


What would happen if Earth did not rotate on its axis?

There would be no day and night

What would happen if Earth's axis was not tilted?

There would be no seasons

Why are summers generally warmer than winters?

The tilt of Earth's axis

Where on Earth is the tilt of Earth least likely to affect seasons?

The equator

Which motion causes day and night?


Which motion causes the change in seasons?


What is the most common calendar system today?

Gregorian calendar

Why is it generally warmer near the equator than near the poles?

Due to the spread of sunlight

What did the ancient Egyptians do to adjust their calendar?

Added an extra 5 days at the end of the year

What did the Romans do to adjust the Egyptian calendar?

Added one day every four years

What did Pope Gregory XIII do to adjust the Roman calendar?

Dropped ten days from the year

How does Earth's tilted axis affect the strength of sunlight in different places?

It causes the sunlight to be less direct near the equator

What causes summer in the Northern Hemisphere?

Earth's tilt toward the sun

What is the length of a year according to the most common calendar system?

365 days

Test your knowledge about the true cause of Earth's seasons with this quiz! Learn why the misconception about Earth's distance from the sun is debunked and discover the evidence supporting the role of Earth's tilted axis.

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