The Song of Roland: Summary of Charlemagne's Campaign

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Who sends offers of treasures to Charlemagne and the promise to withdraw the army to France?

Who warns the council not to believe the treacherous Marsilla?

Who declares that it would be a sin to refuse Marsilla's offer to become a Christian and vassal of the king?

Who suggests Ganelon as the fitting messenger for the dangerous mission?

Who dispatches an emissary to accept Marsilla's proposition?

Who secretly swears vengeance on Roland for placing him in a perilous position?

What is the purpose of the Saracen king's plot with Charlemagne?

What was the outcome for Roland and his men in the mountain pass?

How did Charlemagne respond to the news of Roland's death?

What fate did Charlemagne bring upon the traitor Ganelon?

What happened to Roland's sword, Durendal, during the battle?

What did Roland do just before his death?

How did Roland feel about his homeland and his battles as he lay dying?

Who took Roland's right-hand glove as he prepared for his death?

What assistance did Roland seek from God before his death?

Who descended to Roland as he prepared for his death?


Explore a summary of Charlemagne's campaign in 'The Song of Roland', where he succeeds in breaking the Saracen power in Spain but faces a challenge from King Marsilla of Saragossa. Discover the political and religious intrigue in this classic epic tale.

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