The Rise of Islam Quiz

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In which era did Islam dominate?

Where are the teachings of Prophet Muhammad recorded?

According to the Koran, who is considered the last of a line of prophets?

Which superpowers dominated the West Asian region?

What religious basis did the Byzantine and Sassanian Empires have?


The Rise of Islam in World Civilizations and Cultures

  • Islam is the most recent of the world religions and dominated the Middle Ages
  • It originated in the teachings of prophet Muhammad, who received a series of revelations recorded in the Koran
  • Islam drew from Judaism and to a lesser extent, Christianity
  • The Koran asserts that Muhammad is the last of a line of prophets including Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Jesus
  • The West Asian region was dominated by the Byzantine (Graeco-Roman) and Sassanian Empires, constantly at war with each other
  • The Byzantine Empire was Christian, while the Sassanian Empire was Zoroastrian
  • Iranians followed various religions including Christianity, Manichaeism, and Buddhism
  • In Iraq, Judaism and Christianity were prominent
  • The Byzantine and Sassanian Empires extended from Central Asia to Southern Spain
  • Differences in religious basis and constant war characterized the two superpowers
  • The birth of Islam occurred during a time of significant geopolitical and religious dynamics in the West Asian region
  • The rise of Islam marked a significant shift in the religious landscape of the Middle Ages


Test your knowledge of the rise of Islam with this quiz on the birth of the religion, teachings of Prophet Muhammad, the Qur'an, and its relation to Judaism and Christianity.

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