The Rise of Graffiti: A Street Art History Quiz

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What is the recent trend in urban art that has benefited contemporary urban artists?

Street art combined with studio-based works

What is the 21st century's view on graffiti and street art as art forms?

Bound to break away from being branded as forms of vandalism

What has aided the movement of graffiti and street art into recognized art forms?

Rise in galleries specializing in urban contemporary artworks

What century does the concept of aerosol and spray cans date back to?

18th century

How has the recent popularity of all things urban and street art related benefited contemporary urban artists?

By combining street art with studio-based works

Test your knowledge about the history and evolution of graffiti art with this quiz. Learn about the origins of street art and how it has evolved as a recognized art form in the 21st century.

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