Ch12 Advertising and PR

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Which of the following best defines advertising?

What was the lasting effect of the Great Depression on advertising?

What was the main characteristic of the creative revolution in advertising?

During the late 1980s, what led to an increase in generic brand purchases and a decrease in advertising?

Which legislation expanded the Federal Trade Commission's role to protect consumers from deceptive advertising?

True or false: The persuasive communication model is primarily concerned with obtaining extensive media coverage.

Which phase of a PR campaign involves determining the overall message and the best way to communicate it?

Which company pioneered the shift from the advertising-centric model to the PR-oriented model of branding during the 1930s?

Which former US President described political battles as a brand war?

Branding was originally used by which industry?


Explore the concept of political branding and its significance in the political arena. Learn about the use of branding strategies in politics, as well as its impact on public perception and voter behavior.

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