Quiz 3 - The New Negro - Foreward - Alain Locke

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What is the primary aim of the volume mentioned in the text?

According to the text, what is the focus of most literature on the Negro?

What does the text suggest is lacking in most literature about the Negro?

According to the text, what does one need to seek in order to understand the essential traits and achievements of the Negro?

What aspect of the New Negro does the text highlight as a new force in the foreground of affairs?

Based on the text, what is the significance of artistic self-expression in understanding the New Negro?

According to the passage, what is the main focus of the discussion?

Which term is used to describe the cultural articulacy of the Negro in the passage?

What is implied about the New Negro in the passage?

According to the passage, where has the main stream of Negro development run in recent times?

What does the passage suggest about the achievements of the present generation?

What is indicated about the Harlem Number of March, 1925, in the passage?

What does the passage imply about the New Negro in an international scope?

According to the passage, what is happening to Negro life as a result of recent galvanizing shocks and reactions?


Test your knowledge about the cultural and social transformations of the New Negro in America, as documented in 'The New Negro' volume aiming to register the inner and outer life changes of the African American community.

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