The Knight's Tale Encounter

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What did Palamon accuse Arcite of when they reconnected?

Being a traitor

Why did Arcite challenge Palamon to battle instead of killing him immediately?

Because they both agreed to act as knights

What did Theseus demand when he intervened in the battle between Arcite and Palamon?

The reason for their fight

Why did Hippolyta and Emilie plead with Theseus to stop the fight?

To prevent further bloodshed

What was the final agreement made by Theseus with Arcite and Palamon to avoid further conflict?

They must never war against Athens

The winner of the tournament would marry __________.


Diana appeared before Emilie and told her that she would marry one of the __________.


Arcite was badly hurt and died due to his injuries from a __________.


Arcite asked Emilie to marry Palamon if she decided to marry __________.


Theseus decided it would be best to unite __________ and Athens.


Palamon finally won Emilie, his true __________.


Palamon accused Arcite of being a traitor because he cried about his love for ______


Arcite challenged Palamon to battle instead of killing him immediately because they needed to act as ______


Theseus immediately found Arcite and Palamon battling like two wild ______


Before swinging his sword, Theseus demanded the two knights to tell him what was ______ here

going on

Hippolyta and Emilie begged Theseus to have ______ before he could harm the knights


Palamon and Arcite agreed to never war against ______ as per the condition set by Theseus


Study Notes

Arcite and Palamon's Rivalry

  • Arcite and Palamon, two knights, reconnect in Athens and become rivals over their love for Emilie.
  • Palamon escapes from prison and confronts Arcite, challenging him to a battle to win Emilie's hand.

The Duel in the Grove

  • Arcite and Palamon engage in a fierce battle in the grove, lasting for hours and causing much bloodshed.
  • Theseus, the king of Athens, intervenes and stops the fight, demanding to know the reason for their quarrel.

The Tournament

  • Theseus decides to hold a tournament in Athens, with the winner marrying Emilie.
  • Arcite and Palamon agree to participate, and the day of the tournament arrives.
  • The competition begins, with Arcite and Palamon fighting fiercely, but Palamon ultimately loses.

The Consequences

  • Arcite is declared the winner and is set to marry Emilie, but the gods are unhappy with the outcome.
  • An earthquake strikes, and Arcite is severely injured, eventually dying from his wounds.
  • Before his death, Arcite asks Emilie to marry Palamon if she chooses to remarry.

The Union of Thebes and Athens

  • Theseus decides to unite Thebes and Athens by marrying Emilie to Palamon.
  • The two get married and live happily ever after, never to suffer or fight again.
  • Palamon finally wins Emilie's hand, fulfilling his true love.

Test your knowledge on the encounter between Arcite and Palamon from 'The Knight's Tale'. Find out how well you remember the details of their confrontation in Athens.

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