The Importance of Following the Sunnah in Islam

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Who provided the details of the prayer's performance?

What are the two most important religious institutions in Islam?

What is the Sunnah?

What did a man once claim about the Sunnah?

What did the Qur'anic injunction regarding the prayer state?

True or false: The Qur'an provides detailed explanations of religious principles and essentials of religion.

True or false: The Sunnah is explained through the Prophet's practice and words.

True or false: The prayer and purifying dues are considered the most important religious institutions in Islam.

True or false: The Prophet himself gave the details of the performance of the prayer.

True or false: The Sunnah is not necessary and the Qur'an alone is sufficient.


Test your knowledge on the importance of following the Sunnah in Islamic practices. This quiz covers key concepts and principles derived from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, including the significance of his actions and their role in religious observance. Challenge yourself and gain a deeper understanding of the Sunnah in Islam.

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