The Fight in the Forest: Ranji's Discovery

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10 Questions

What was the reason for the fight between Ranji and someone else at the pool?

How long had Ranji been in Rajpur when he found the pool in the forest?

What was the weather like when Ranji discovered the pool?

What could be seen at the bottom of the pool?

What was the stream like during the summer?

What word best describes the forest pool in the text?

How does Ranji describe the pools he had known when living in the Rajputana desert?

What does the stranger claim to be in the text?

How does the stranger react when Ranji claims to be a Fighter?

What is the overall tone of the interaction between Ranji and the stranger?


Test your understanding of the conflict that arises when Ranji discovers a pool in the forest and gets into a fight with someone else over its ownership. Explore the events and characters in this classic story.

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