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How do ah bee, kang-tao, and the Taoist priest see the dragon fish?

Ah Bee sees the dragon fish as a symbol of hope, Kang-tao sees it as a financial opportunity, and the Taoist priest sees it as a spiritual entity.

What is the relationship between ah Sena and da long wang?

Ah Sena is the wife of da long wang.

What does the ending paragraph symbolize?

The ending paragraph symbolizes the cycle of life and the continuity of hope despite challenges.

Using defamiliarization, explain the central theme(s) of the story and how it can be contextualized to your common experience as a Filipino.

The central theme of the story revolves around resilience, hope, and the interconnectedness of life. It can be contextualized to the common experience of Filipinos by highlighting the strength in facing challenges, the pursuit of hope, and the significance of community and family bonds.

Study Notes

Character Perspectives

  • Ah Bee, Kang-tao, and the Taoist priest perceive the dragon fish differently, indicating unique individual perspectives.

Character Relationships

  • Ah Sena is in a relationship with Da Long Wang, highlighting the connection between the two characters.


  • The ending paragraph symbolizes a deeper meaning or message conveyed through the story.

Defamiliarization and Contextualization

  • The central theme(s) of the story can be understood by applying defamiliarization, a literary technique that challenges familiar assumptions and perceptions.
  • The story's themes can be contextualized to common Filipino experiences, allowing readers to relate and reflect on their own lives.

Test your understanding of 'The Dragon Fish' by Audrey Chin with these thought-provoking questions about character relationships, symbolism, and thematic analysis.

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