New Genres of Literature: Digi Fictions and Graphic Novels

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Which genre of literature combines book, movie/video, and internet website, engaging in navigation, reading, and viewing in all three formats?

Digi Fictions

What distinguishes Manga from other forms of literature?

It is right-to-left rather than left-to-right

Which genre of literature features longer stories than comic books, ranging anywhere from forty-eight to five hundred pages?

Graphic Novel

Which form of digital literature features doodle drawings and handwritten graphics in place of traditional fonts, looking like a story diary with some humorous elements?

Doodle Fiction

Which genre of literature features fiction in which the “Laws” of that world are different than ours, including Speculative, Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror?

Speculative Fiction

Where are the earliest examples of Hypertext Poetry found?


What is the main focus of Chick Lit?

Hero-centered fiction narratives

Which literary work is set during the Trojan War and the siege of the city of Troy?


Which figure of speech compares two unlike things using 'like' or 'as'?


What is the main characteristic of a palindrome?

Repetition of the same word spelled frontwards and backwards

Which literary genre involves blurring of fact and fiction, also known as 'faction'?


'It’s raining cats and dogs' is an example of which figure of speech?


'He is a pig' is an example of which figure of speech?


'The moon looked down at me' is an example of which figure of speech?


'Jumbo shrimp' is an example of which figure of speech?


'The captain commands one hundred sails' is an example of which figure of speech?


Explore the emerging genres of Digi Fictions, which combine books, movies/videos, and internet websites, and Graphic Novels, which are longer comics with complete single stories. Learn about their unique formats, lengths, and examples like 'Osyana' and 'Ella Arcangel'.

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