The Digital Self: William James's Perspective

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10 Questions

According to William James, what is part of our extended and material self?

How does Russell Belk describe the impact of technological changes on the way we present ourselves?

What does the term 'digital age' refer to?

How does digitalization impact human behavior?

What are the expected learning outcomes after the session on the digital self?

What is online identity according to Olshansky (2016)?

What is impression management in the context of online identity?

How does technology impact the development of the self, as mentioned in the text?

What do people usually consider in creating their online identity, as per the text?

According to the data presented by (2020), which country is noted as one of the top users of the internet?


Explore the concept of the digital self based on William James's view of the extended self, encompassing not only our physical bodies but also our material possessions. Delve into the implications of this perspective on our technological possessions.

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