Understanding the Digital Self

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Who coined the term 'Digital Self' and defined it as the persona we project in the technological world?

Russell Belk

What did Donald Winnicott propose in relation to the Digital Self?

Theory of True and False Self

Which digital possessions are mentioned as important in shaping the Digital Self?

Photos, videos, statuses, texts, and emails

What is the True Self according to Donald Winnicott's theory?

Instinctive core of our personality that needs to be nurtured

What can be argued about people's behavior on social media based on the premise presented?

People can conceal emptiness or emotions to show life is interesting

Study Notes

Digital Self

  • The term "Digital Self" was coined to describe the persona we project in the technological world.

Donald Winnicott's Contribution

  • Donald Winnicott proposed that the Digital Self is related to the "False Self", which is a persona that is presented to the world to gain approval and acceptance.

Digital Possessions

  • Digital possessions, such as online profiles, avatars, and digital artifacts, are important in shaping the Digital Self.

True Self

  • According to Donald Winnicott's theory, the "True Self" is the authentic, spontaneous, and creative aspect of a person's personality that is free from societal expectations and pressures.

Social Media Behavior

  • It can be argued that people's behavior on social media is an attempt to present a curated version of themselves, hiding their true selves and imperfections, and seeking validation and approval from others.

Explore the concept of the Digital Self and how our online presence reflects our identities. Learn about the influences of digital possessions such as photos, videos, and texts on shaping our technological personas.

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