The Day of Mourning

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Who introduced the policy of assimilation in 1937?

The federal government

What did the policy of assimilation expect from Aborigines who were 'not of full blood'?

To comply with the attitudes, customs and beliefs of the white majority

What significant event occurred on 26th January 1938?

The Day of Mourning and Protest

Why was 26th January 1938 significant for Indigenous Australians?

It was the 150th anniversary of British arrival in Australia and a day to mourn the losses and injustices they had endured

Who organized the protest march on the Day of Mourning and Protest?

William Cooper, William Ferguson, John (Jack) Patten, Margaret Tucker

Test your knowledge of the Day of Mourning and Protest on 26 January 1938, a significant event in Indigenous History and Indigenous activism. Learn about the policy of assimilation and its impact on Aboriginal communities in this quiz.

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