Australian Colonization and Indigenous Peoples

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What was the initial reaction of Aboriginal people to the English arrival?

They traded with the English but were cautious.

What was the result of the English colonization of Australia for Aboriginal people?

They were displaced from their campsites, kidnapped, and murdered.

Why did Pemmel Roy kill an important Englishman?

As an act of revenge and self-protection.

What was the term used by the English to justify their claim to the land?

Terra nullius

What is the significance of the land to Aboriginal people?

It is a sacred responsibility to care for.

What was the reason for the local people shouting at Cook and his men?

They were trying to make them go away.

What did Cook and his men take from the Gweagal camp?

Shields and spears

What did Cook write about the Indigenous people's way of life?

That they were happier than Europeans.

What does the artwork by Paddy Fordham represent?

The impact of colonization on Indigenous people.

What does the artwork by Jason Wing, 'Captain Crook', signify?

All the European colonists who came after Cook.

Study Notes

  • Nicholas Young, an English sailor, has returned to live in Australia after sailing with Captain Cook, and has befriended an Aboriginal man named Tedbury (or To Jedborough), son of Pemmel Roy, a warrior who resisted British settlement in Botany Bay, New South Wales.
  • Tedbury explains that initially, Aboriginal people didn't mind the English arrival, as they had traded with traders and explorers before, but things changed when the English started taking over the land and committing violence against Aboriginal people.
  • The English colonization of Australia led to the displacement of Aboriginal people from their campsites, kidnapping of Aboriginal women and children, and murder of Aboriginal people using guns.
  • Tedbury's father, Pemmel Roy, killed an important Englishman with a spear barbed with small red stones as an act of revenge and self-protection.
  • Nicholas is embarrassed and worried, acknowledging that the English didn't recognize Aboriginal people as the rightful owners of the land, instead using the term "terra nullius" (no one's land) to justify their claim.
  • The English also brought diseases like smallpox and influenza, which killed many Aboriginal people, and introduced alcohol that ruined the health and behavior of some Aboriginal people.
  • Aboriginal people have a deep connection with the land, believing it is their responsibility to care for it, unlike the English who believe they own the land.

This quiz explores the experiences of Indigenous Australians during the English colonization of Australia, including displacement, violence, and disease. It highlights the perspectives of Aboriginal people and their deep connection with the land. Learn about the complex history of Australia's past and its ongoing impact today.

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