The Crusades of the Medieval Era Class Agenda

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What was the primary reason for the Crusades?

Who asked Western leaders for help fighting the Muslims?

What was the Islamic perspective on the Crusades?

Who preached to knights, princes, and commoners to go on crusade to save Christendom from the infidel?

What was the main reason for the Muslims to view the Christians as invaders and infidels?

What did Pope Urban II promise to those who went on Crusade?

What was a praised practice in the Middle Ages similar to the Haj for Muslims?

What did Pope Urban II believe the crusades could achieve but did not happen?

Who led the Crusaders in capturing Jerusalem in a brutal battle in 1099?

What event led to the Third Crusade (1187-1192)?


Review the agenda for the class session on November 13, 2023, focusing on the crusading movement and the establishment of communities in the 'Holy Land' near Jerusalem. Explore the reasons behind the European nobles and commoners' travels and attempts to conquer the 'Holy Land'.

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