The Coming of Socialism to Europe

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Why were socialists against private property according to the text?

Private property was seen as the root cause of societal problems.

What was Robert Owen's vision for society as mentioned in the text?

Building a cooperative community called New Harmony.

How did Louis Blanc's ideas differ from Robert Owen's in terms of cooperatives?

Owen believed in the widespread promotion of cooperatives through government support.

How did socialists envision the distribution of profits in cooperatives?

According to the work done by members.

What was Karl Marx's and Friedrich Engels' contribution to socialist arguments?

Adding additional ideas to the existing body of socialist arguments.

Why did some socialists feel that cooperatives could not be built solely through individual initiative?

Belief in the need for wider encouragement from authorities.

'Socialists wanted this change and campaigned for it.' What change are they referring to in the text?

Transition from capitalism to socialism.

How did socialists view the relationship between private property and social ills?

'Individuals owning property led to societal problems.'

Explore the emergence and ideas of socialism in Europe during the mid-nineteenth century. Learn about the socialist opposition to private property and their vision for societal structure.

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