Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution Chapter 2 Quiz

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What ideas circulated in Europe after the French Revolution?

Ideas of freedom and equality

Who controlled economic and social power before the French Revolution?

Aristocracy and church

What did conservatives in Europe want in the context of societal change?

A gradual shift in society

Who reshaped the ideas of societal change in the colonies?

Developments in the colonies

What was a common reason for workers to strike in the textile industry during 1896-1897?

Unsatisfactory work conditions and dismissals by the employers

How did the strikes in the textile industry differ from the actions of peasants in Russia?

The strikes were organized by workers against employer policies, while peasants sought land ownership from the nobility

Why did the strikes occur in the textile industry during 1896-1897?

Disagreements between workers and employers regarding dismissals and work conditions

How did the strikes in the textile industry reflect societal dynamics in Russia?

They exemplified resistance by workers against unfair labor practices

What event led to the formation of the Petrograd Soviet?

The lockout at a factory on the right bank

What was the significance of the International Women's Day during the strikes?

It saw a significant increase in the number of women-led strikes

What prompted military commanders to advise the Tsar to abdicate?

The striking workers surrounding the fashionable quarters

What role did the cavalry play in the events described?

They refused to fire on the demonstrators

What was the main demand of the 110,000 workers who went on strike in St Petersburg?

Reduction in the working day to eight hours

What was the response of the Tsar to the revolutionary disturbances in Russia in 1905?

Dismissal of the first Duma within 75 days

What was the status of most committees and unions after 1905?

They worked unofficially as they were declared illegal

Who supported the workers' demands during the 1905 Revolution?

Nationalists and jadidists

Test your knowledge about the concepts and events related to Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution. This quiz covers important ideas, movements, and historical events discussed in Chapter 2 of the book.

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