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What did Doon see behind the door in room 351?

A brightly lit room crowded with things.

How many blackouts had occurred in a row during the week?

Five blackouts.

What kind of messages was Lina carrying due to the blackouts?

Messages of people deciding to stay home or not attend meetings.

Why were citizens of Ember sending more messages instead of meeting in person?

Due to the nervousness caused by the blackouts.

What did Doon find behind the door in room 351?

A small living room with a person in an armchair.

What did Doon discover about the door in room 351?

It does not lead out of Ember.

What was Doon assigned to fix in Tunnel 207?

A clog

What happened when Doon rammed a long thin brush down the pipe in Tunnel 207?

A jet of water spurted into his face.

Where did Doon decide to go after finishing the task in Tunnel 207?

Tunnel 351

What was Doon thinking about as he walked to Tunnel 351?

His green worm and Lina

What startled Doon when he reached the locked door in Tunnel 351?

There was a key in the lock.

How did Doon react when he found the key in the lock of the door?

He snatched his hand back as if he'd been stung.

Test your knowledge on Chapter 12 of 'The City of Ember' where Doon makes a dreadful discovery. Questions may cover events, characters, and themes from the chapter.

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