The City of Ember - Chapter 8 Excerpt Quiz

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Doon said the door seemed like the entrance to a new world.


Doon found the door unlocked.


Lina felt a rough, soft surface when she put her hands out.


Doon and Lina found a small steel pan with a key in it.


Doon and Lina heard slow footsteps getting further away from them.


Lina and Doon decided to go back without further exploring when they couldn't open the door.


Lina and Doon decided not to try to see who opened the door in the tunnel.


The person who opened the door in the tunnel walked in slowly and came out quickly.


The man who opened the door in the tunnel wore a white coat and neat hair.


Lina and Doon were glad that someone found the way out of Ember.


Lina was disappointed that she didn't find the way out of Ember before the man did.


The man who opened the door in the tunnel was planning to keep the way out a secret.


Study Notes

Discovery of the Door

  • Lina and Doon find a door in the Pipeworks with a round metal knob and keyhole.
  • The door appears ordinary, but Lina and Doon are excited to explore what's behind it.

Obstacles and Unexpected Events

  • The door is locked, and they can't find a key.
  • They hear a scuffling noise, followed by footsteps, and a person opens the door and goes in.
  • Lina and Doon hide and observe the person, who is described as having dark, untidy hair and a lurching walk.
  • The person finds something and leaves quickly.

Analysis and Reaction

  • Lina and Doon realize someone has found the way out of Ember before them.
  • They wonder how the person got the key and how they entered the Pipeworks.
  • Despite feeling disappointed, they acknowledge that finding a way out of Ember is more important than who finds it.
  • Lina and Doon reflect on how grand it would have been to announce their discovery to the city.

Test your knowledge on an excerpt from Chapter 8 of 'The City of Ember' where Lina and Doon discover a mysterious door. Answer questions about their exploration and the surprises they encounter.

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