Test Your Knowledge of the Galician Law on Digital Public Services

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¿A quiénes se aplica la ley de servicios públicos digitales en Galicia?

¿Cuál es el objetivo principal de la ley de servicios públicos digitales en Galicia?

¿Qué promueve la ley de servicios públicos digitales en Galicia para simplificar los procedimientos administrativos?

¿Qué deben hacer los ciudadanos para utilizar los servicios públicos digitales en Galicia?

¿Qué se incluye en la sede electrónica de la Xunta de Galicia?

¿Qué medidas se tomarán para garantizar el acceso a los servicios públicos digitales en áreas rurales?


  • The law applies to individuals, legal entities, public administrations, affected groups, unions, and independent or autonomous patrimonies.
  • The law aims to guarantee the exercise of recognized rights in administrative proceedings with the autonomous public sector of Galicia.
  • The law aims to modernize the autonomous public sector using current technologies to ensure transparency, efficiency, and innovation.
  • The law aims to ensure effective quality service and good administration principles.
  • The law promotes the use of information technologies to simplify administrative procedures and reduce burdens.
  • The law promotes the use of electronic identification and trust services for digital transactions.
  • The law aims to capacitate citizens in digital competencies to foster inclusive and integrated social development.
  • The law regulates the infrastructure and technological systems necessary for the digital functioning of the autonomous public sector of Galicia.
  • The law promotes inter-administrative cooperation and the reuse of services and technical components for interoperability.
  • Special attention will be given to supporting and promoting local administrations in Galicia.
  • The public entities of the autonomous public sector in Galicia will promote the use of information technologies and advanced data processing techniques to provide new public services to citizens.
  • The services will be personalized and take into account the circumstances of each citizen.
  • The administration will promote joint services between different public entities to better attend to the needs of society.
  • Simplified or automated administrative actions will be promoted to reduce waiting times.
  • Special characteristics of rural areas will be taken into account to ensure access to digital public services.
  • The use of electronic or digital administrative procedures will not modify the nature or effects of services or administrative acts, nor will it affect citizens' rights.
  • Cooperation between different administrations will be promoted to simplify citizen-government relations.
  • Citizens have a duty to use digital public services in accordance with established norms.
  • Citizens must use legitimate identification and electronic signature systems, respect privacy policies, and comply with data protection regulations.
  • The text outlines the general principles for the use and provision of digital public services in Galicia.
  • Memory inclusion is necessary for the approval of certain procedures.
  • Electronic submission of documents may be required for certain procedures.
  • The administration will take measures to ensure that citizens only provide information once.
  • Mechanisms will be established for the internal reuse of data provided by citizens.
  • Citizens will have access to and be able to modify their own data.
  • The provisions of the Data Protection Law will apply.
  • The administration will promote actions to facilitate digital access for people with disabilities.
  • Measures will be taken to eliminate gender-related difficulties in digital communication.
  • Factors that aggravate difficulties in digital communication will be addressed.
  • The goal is to reduce administrative burdens.
  • The electronic headquarters of the Xunta de Galicia is available to citizens according to the Law 40/2015.
  • It covers all autonomous public sector entities in Galicia.
  • It provides information on its identification, scope, and services available.
  • It includes the full texts of the regulations for its creation and the General Electronic Registry.
  • It indicates official dates and times for deadlines and non-business days.
  • It lists the identification and signature systems accepted for its use.
  • It includes a guide to procedures and services available to citizens, with relevant information and forms.
  • It provides information on administrative automation and electronic seals used.
  • It includes information on service unavailability due to technical issues and extensions granted.
  • It lists the accepted formats for electronic document submission to the General Electronic Registry.


Are you familiar with the laws and regulations governing the use of digital public services in Galicia? Test your knowledge with this quiz! From the principles guiding the use of information technologies to the regulations for electronic document submission, this quiz covers the key aspects of the law that ensures efficient, transparent, and innovative administration in the autonomous public sector of Galicia. Get ready to sharpen your knowledge on the digital functioning of the administration and assess whether you are up-to-date with the latest regulations in this area.

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