Test Your Knowledge of Fusion Cuisine Around the World!

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What is fusion cuisine?

When was the term 'fusion cuisine' added to the Oxford English Dictionary?

What are some examples of fusion cuisine?

What is California cuisine?

What is the 'original Asian fusion cuisine'?

What is Modern Australian Asian-fusion cuisine?

How is fusion sushi created?

What is Peruvian Nikkei cuisine?

When did fusion cuisine first exist as a form of cross-cultural exchange?


Fusion Cuisine: A Combination of Different Culinary Traditions

  • Fusion cuisine combines culinary elements from different cultural traditions.
  • The term "fusion cuisine" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2002.
  • Fusion cuisine can occur naturally within a region's cuisine or through post-1970s contemporary restaurant innovations.
  • East Asian, European, Southwestern American, and specific ethnic cuisines are all examples of fusion cuisine.
  • Asian fusion restaurants combine various Asian cuisines, including East, Southeast, and South Asian dishes.
  • California cuisine combines traditional dishes from different cultures with non-traditional ingredients.
  • Oceanic cuisine combines the different cuisines of various island nations.
  • Filipino cuisine is characterized as the "original Asian fusion cuisine."
  • Australia has a growing number of Modern Australian Asian-fusion restaurants.
  • Fusion cuisine can also be created by utilizing ingredients and flavors from one culture to create a unique twist on a dish from a different culture.
  • Fusion sushi combines different types of rice and ingredients from different cultures.
  • Some fusion cuisines have become accepted as a national cuisine, such as Peruvian Nikkei cuisine.
  • Fusion cuisine has existed for millennia as a form of cross-cultural exchange, but the term was only defined in the late 1900s.


Think you know your way around the world of food? Test your knowledge of fusion cuisine with this quiz! From California cuisine to modern Australian Asian-fusion, this quiz covers the different types of fusion cuisine found around the world. Learn about the origins of fusion cuisine and discover how different cultures combine their culinary traditions to create unique and delicious dishes. With questions on specific cuisines and ingredients, this quiz is perfect for foodies and culinary enthusiasts alike.

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