Test Your Knowledge of Augustine's Life and Legacy

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9 Questions

What was Augustine's profession before becoming a bishop?

Where was Augustine baptized?

What did Augustine do after resigning as a rhetorician?

When was Augustine born?

What profession did Augustine teach in Rome?

When did Augustine become Bishop of Hippo?

Augustine was born in Thagaste, which is now known as ______.

Augustine was formally educated to be a ______, which was one of the few professions that allowed upward social mobility.

Augustine became a catechumen in the Catholic Church after attending the sermons of ______, bishop of Milan.


"Discover the Life and Legacy of Augustine - Test Your Knowledge Now!" Take this quiz to explore the fascinating life and times of Augustine, born in 354 in modern-day Algeria during the Western Roman Empire. With questions covering his upbringing, education, and religious beliefs, this quiz is perfect for history buffs and those interested in learning more about this influential figure. Challenge yourself and test your knowledge of Augustine's impact on Christianity and his lasting legacy in the world today.

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