Test Your Knowledge of America's National Parks

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9 Questions

Which national park is the largest in the United States?

Which national park had the most visitors in 2021?

Which state has the most national parks?

What is the purpose of the National Park Service?

What is the difference between national parks and national monuments?

What is the newest national park in the United States?

Which national park was decommissioned in 1895?

How many national parks are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

Which national park had the fewest visitors in 2021?


"Discover the Wonders of America's National Parks: Test Your Knowledge Now!" Take this quiz and explore the natural beauty, unique geological features, and diverse ecosystems of America's national parks. Challenge yourself with questions about famous landmarks, wildlife, and recreational activities. Learn interesting facts about Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and other stunning national parks. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your knowledge of America's most treasured natural wonders!

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