Technical Writing Style: Page Design and Layout

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What is the recommended font size for technical writing?


How should section headings be formatted in technical writing?

All capitals, bold

What is the recommended line spacing for technical writing?

1.5 or double space

How should the page number be placed in technical writing?

Top, center, or right

What type of justification is recommended for technical writing?

Any of the above

How should preliminary pages be numbered in technical writing?

With Roman lower case numerals

What is the least preferred option for headings in technical writing?

Using all capital letters for all words

What is the purpose of using numbers and bullets in technical writing?

To present lists of items and summarize findings

What is the most effective way to highlight text in technical writing?

Underlining, boldface, italic, or changing font size

What is the recommended font size and type for technical writing?

Times New Roman, font size 11 or 12

Why should color be used sparingly in technical writing?

Because it is expensive to print

What is the purpose of using a solid circle, diamond, or square as a bullet symbol?

To present lists of items and summarize findings

What is the primary purpose of page design in technical writing?

To create clear, readable, and visually interesting documents

What is the recommended paper size for all text documents in technical writing?


What is the unit of measurement for paper weight in technical writing?

Grams per square meter

What is the purpose of using headings in page design?

To provide a clear structure to the document

What is the result of using proper font selection in technical writing?

Increased readability

Study Notes

Page Design

  • Page design is crucial for creating clear, readable, and visually interesting documents.


  • Use A-4 paper size for all text documents.
  • Ensure A-4 is selected in the 'Page Setup' and in the 'Printer Properties'.
  • Paper weight is measured in grams per square meter (GSM).

White Spaces

  • Margins: 2.54 cm from each side and from top and bottom.
  • Use 2 columns in technical papers.
  • Paragraph length: a page should contain more than one paragraph separated by line space.
  • Line spacing: single, 1.5, or double space.
  • Justification options: right, left, full, and center.
  • Page numbering: top and bottom (right, center, left).


  • Main heading or title: located in the upper center of the first page.
  • Section headings: capitals and bold, without an underline.
  • Subsections and subsubsections: upper case for the first letter in each main word, lower case for other letters, and in bold.
  • No underline is used.


  • Numbers and bullets are effective when presenting lists of items.
  • They can also be used to summarize findings, conclusions, or action items.
  • Select the bullet symbol carefully and conservatively, e.g., solid circles, diamonds, or squares.

In-Text Emphasis

  • The most effective highlighting techniques: underlining, boldface, italic, and change size.


  • Font size: 9, 10, 12, 14, etc.
  • Font type: Times New Roman, Arial, etc.
  • For maximum effectiveness: avoid too many font variations, use 'Times New Roman' with a font size of 11 or 12 points, and avoid large font sizes for the body of the text.


  • Use of color is a graphic design tool that reflects the image of your document.
  • Printing color is expensive and should be used only when cost-effective.

General Guidelines

  • The main factors affecting the appearance of the document are: page layout, margins, header, page numbering, reference font selection, font type, font size, text alignment, word spacing, indentation, paragraph spacing, and use of bullets.

Test your knowledge of technical writing style, including page design and layout principles. This quiz covers important aspects such as margins, columns, paragraph length, line spacing, and justification. Improve your technical writing skills and master the art of page design!

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