Table Tennis Rules and Techniques

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In badminton, what is a smash?

A hard-hit overhead shot

What is the standard diameter of a table tennis ball?

40 mm

What is the maximum number of games in a badminton match?

Three games

Who claimed the production of the first table tennis balls?


What is the color restriction for a badminton racket or paddle?

Can be any color

What is the regulation height of a table tennis table?


What aspect of badminton is responsible for generating power and accuracy in shots?

Grip on the racket

In badminton, how is a 'let' called by the referee defined?

A hindrance during play that requires a rally replay

Which of the following is a basic piece of equipment needed to play table tennis?


What is a common stroke utilized in badminton to hit the shuttlecock deep into the opponent's court?


Which country is credited with the invention and early development of table tennis?


'Pips-out' and 'inverted' are terms commonly associated with which piece of table tennis equipment?

Rubber covering on the racket

What is the purpose of a drive in badminton?

To make the shuttlecock fly horizontally over the net

Why is competitive badminton best played indoors?

To avoid wind interference

What is the purpose of a backhand stroke in badminton?

To return the shuttlecock to the left of a right-handed player

What was badminton known as when it was definitively launched in 1873?

The Game of Badminton

What does a grip in badminton equipment allow players to do?

Increase the thickness of the racket handle

Why are badminton courts wider for doubles compared to singles?

To allow more space for players to move around

Test your knowledge on the rules, regulations, and techniques of table tennis. Learn about scoring, serving positions, and different types of shots like smash and drop shot. Explore the history of table tennis and its origins in England.

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