SOCS1420 Week 3

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What is the core focus of Systems Theory/Functionalist Perspective?

Interdependence of societal aspects

According to Systems Theory, what happens when there is an unmet need?

It leads to imbalance and prompts action

What is the main outcome when all levels within a system work together and adjust to create new order?

Achieving stability and productivity

In Systems Theory, when does change occur within a system?

When those within the system recognize a need and take action

What does the Ecological Perspective emphasize?

Interconnectedness of various societal elements

How does Systems Theory view the relationship between different systems?

As interconnected parts of the whole

What is the main focus of Rothman's Three Models of Community Organization?

'Survival and growth'

How does Systems Theory view social reality?

'Complex and multifaceted'

What triggers change according to Systems Theory?

'Recognition of need and action'

'Chronosystem' in Systems Theory reflects changes related to which factor?

'Generational shifts'

What is the main focus of Social Planning?

Problem-solving by experts using research and data

Which initiative is an example of Locality Development?

Neighbourhood Watch

What is the intended outcome of Social Action?

Readjustment of power and resources

Which approach focuses on addressing prejudicial and inequitable relations at the societal level?

Anti-Oppressive Approach

What theme in Anti-Oppressive work emphasizes the interconnections between systems that can't be separated?


Which role does a Social Planner typically play?

Expert planner and strategist

What distinguishes Social Action from Locality Development?

Taking action against oppression

Which group would be most involved in Locality Development initiatives?

'Community members'

What is a key capability a culturally competent social worker should have based on the text?

'Recognize and respond effectively to the dynamics of difference'

'Promotes collective action as the means to social change' is a characteristic associated with which approach?

'Social Action'

Test your understanding of Systems Theory and the Functionalist Perspective in sociology. Explore how individual experiences in a community are influenced by various aspects of society. This quiz covers concepts introduced in week 3 and includes examples discussed during a breakout room activity in week 4.

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