Systems Development Overview

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Who are the participants in systems development?

Stakeholders, users, managers, systems development specialists, various support personnel

What is systems development?

The activity of creating or modifying systems.

Why is selecting the best IS team critical for a systems development project?

It is critical for project success.

What is effective systems development?

It requires a team effort.

What is the role of a development team?

Responsible for determining the objectives of the IS and delivering a system that meets these objectives.

Who are stakeholders in a systems development project?

People who benefit from the project, either themselves or through the organization they represent.

What is the role of a systems analyst in a development team?

To see the system in its totality and act as a facilitator, moderator, negotiator, and interpreter.

What is end-user systems development?

When business managers and users take the primary effort in acquiring applications for personal or professional use.

Why is aligning corporate and IS goals important in systems development?

To ensure a competitive advantage and successful implementation of systems development initiatives.

What is the primary goal of most corporations in terms of technology initiatives?

Profit and return on investment (ROI).

What does the systems development life cycle (SDLC) refer to?

The systems development process.

What are the steps of traditional systems development?

Systems investigation, systems analysis, systems design, and systems implementation.

Who is responsible for modifying or developing programs to satisfy user requirements?


What is the overall objective of systems development often focused on?

Competitive advantage.

What does IS planning involve?

Translating strategic and organizational goals into systems development initiatives.

Learn about the importance of systems development and the key aspects involved in the process, from problem identification to solution implementation. Understand the role of participants in systems development and the necessity of effective teamwork.

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