Systematic Zoology: Classification and Taxonomy of Animals

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What criterion do modern taxonomists use to classify an organism?

Genetic similarities and evolutionary relationships

What are the seven levels of organization that Linnaeus used to categorize organisms?

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

What is the main reason that species names are more precise than common names?

They are standardized globally

Why classify organisms?

To understand evolutionary relationships and genetic similarities

Why was Aristotle’s classification system replaced?

It was based on subjective criteria and lacked a universal system

Learn about the basic principles of animal classification, form and function among invertebrate and non-invertebrate phyla, as well as the fundamental basis of taxonomy and ecological roles of different phyla. Delve into the history of systematic zoology and the mode of life of major invertebrate and non-invertebrate phyla.

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