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What is the main cause of gestational hypertension?

Pre-existing hypertension

How does arterial spasm affect the blood volume in maternal circulation?

Decreases arterial intravascular volume

What is the consequence of increased kidney tubular reabsorption?

Edema formation

How is gestational hypertension defined in terms of proteinuria levels?

Greater than 30 mg/24 h

What is the impact of vasospasm in the kidney on glomeruli membrane permeability?

Increases permeability allowing albumin to escape in urine

Which factor is NOT listed as a cause of gestational hypertension?

Smoking during pregnancy

What is the main factor responsible for the dramatic increase in blood pressure in gestational hypertension?

Decreased responsiveness to blood pressure changes due to reduced prostacyclin levels

How does gestational hypertension affect placental perfusion?

It reduces fetal nutrient and blood supply

What role does vascular spasm play in gestational hypertension?

It leads to increased cardiac output during pregnancy

How does gestational hypertension affect the pancreas?

Results in epigastric pain and elevated amylase creatinine ratio due to ischemia

Why is the heart forced to pump against rising peripheral resistance in gestational hypertension?

To compensate for the increase in blood pressure caused by vasoconstriction

What is a common sign of gestational hypertension?

Decreased urine output

Which symptom is NOT typically associated with gestational hypertension?

Severe chest pain

How does blood pressure in gestational hypertension compare to prepregnancy levels?

Both systolic and diastolic pressures may increase

What distinguishes preeclampsia without severe features from preeclampsia with severe features?

Presence of proteinuria

What symptom is indicative of preeclampsia with severe features?

Pulmonary involvement

What condition is characterized by a blood pressure of 160/110 mmHg, proteinuria, and altered renal function tests?

Preeclampsia with severe features

Test your knowledge on the signs and symptoms of gestational hypertension, including headaches, edema, sudden weight gain, vision changes, nausea, abdominal pain, and more. Learn about the condition and its impact on pregnancy.

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