200-03 Supervisory Procedures

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First-line supervisors shall take an active role in the development, motivation, and when necessary.......

Supervisors have .......discretion when implementing the disciplinary process.

All complaints (except those going directly to IAD/CIO) shall be referred to a supervisors?

What is the level of discretion that supervisors have in the disciplinary process?

The supervisor ....... record all complaints (except as specified in the following) including complaints from third party witnesses, and forward them as provided by this General Order.

When receiving complaints, supervisors shall: ......................................... that involve allegations of serious misconduct (Class I). Other phone-in complainants shall be advised to make the complaint in person in order that a notarized statement can be obtained with the complaint. Supervisors may also advise complainants they can mail their notarized statement with specific details of the incident directly to IAD/CIO.

When receiving complaints, supervisors .......: Accept complaints from third party witnesses to an incident. Any third party non-witnesses attempting to make a complaint shall be referred directly to IAD/CIO. The IAD/CIO commander may determine whether to accept a complaint from persons other than the aggrieved party.

When receiving complaints, What should supervisors do with all mailed written complaints?

When receiving complaints, supervisors................................. Upon receipt and recording of complaints, supervisors shall immediately notify their commander.

When receiving complaints, supervisors ......, pursuant to General Order 300-32, Processing Complaints and Employee Issues, if they receive a Class I complaint under either of the following circumstances:

  1. The investigation of the complaint would be hindered by a delay.
  2. The complaint involves a felony or a breach of the peace that is occurring or just occurred.

If an involved employee is present at the complaint scene, supervisors ........ allow the employee to leave until authorized by IAD/CIO.

An employee's immediate supervisor or a supervisor discovering an infraction ............... whether to proceed through the formal complaint process as a Class I or II complaint or as an SI.

When supervisors discover possible infractions by employees not within their command, they ...... consult with the employee's immediate supervisor or a supervisor within the employee's chain of command before initiating a Class II complaint.

Supervisors have the right, duty, and responsibility at any time to inquire as to the facts of a circumstance or situation in order to make management, operational, administrative, or organizational decisions. A 48-hour notice ...... required before discussing the original infraction with an employee.

If an inquiring supervisor becomes the complainant in a Class I or II complaint, can they further investigate the alleged violation?

Can an inquiring supervisor who becomes the complainant in a Class I or II complaint participate in the process of recommending discipline for the violation?

Should concerns regarding an employee’s job performance and productivity be handled through the disciplinary process?

What should be done if violations of department policy are discovered while addressing job performance or productivity concerns?

When should supervisors immediately notify IAD/CIO (IRF) pursuant to General Order 300-32, Processing Complaints and Employee Issues?

Under what circumstances should supervisors immediately notify IAD/CIO (IRF) pursuant to General Order 300-32, Processing Complaints and Employee Issues?


Test your knowledge on the responsibilities of first-line supervisors in the development, motivation, and disciplinary process of employees. This quiz covers the discretion of supervisors in implementing disciplinary actions and the handling of complaints as per the General Order.

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