Subodha Gunawardena Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy Quiz

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What is the primary function of SCP in SS7 network architecture?

Providing access to databases

Which SS7 node is responsible for transferring SS7 messages between other SS7 nodes?


What functionality does an SSP have in the SS7 network architecture?

Controlling voice circuits

Which type of services are supported by the SS7 network according to the text?

Personal communications services

What is the role of STP in the SS7 network?

Transfer SS7 messages between other nodes

Which feature is not associated with the role of an SSP in SS7 architecture?

Transferring messages between nodes

What type of networks does SCP provide the core functionality for?

Cellular networks

Which service is NOT listed as supported by the SS7 network in the text?

(999) Emergency services

What does an STP do that distinguishes it from an SCP?

Transfers SS7 messages between other nodes

Which intelligent network service is supported by the SS7 architecture?

Toll-free (800/888) wireline services

Test your knowledge on Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) concepts including multiplexing, signaling, frame synchronization, and data rates as explained by Dr. Subodha Gunawardena.

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