Study Note #2: Persuasive Essay Structure and Tips

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What is the main purpose of a persuasive essay?

To convince the readers to believe in a certain idea or point

Which of the following is NOT a part of a persuasive essay?


What should the introduction of a persuasive essay include?

A catchy opening sentence and related quote or facts

What is the first step in writing a persuasive essay?

Choose a topic and do research to support your point of view

What type of topics are suitable for a persuasive essay?

Topics that are controversial and have multiple viewpoints

What should the conclusion of a persuasive essay do?

Reiterate the main points and provide a closing statement

Which of the following phrases should be used to convey confidence in your ideas or opinions?

I'm sure

What type of transition words can be used to organize ideas?

First, second, third, next, then

Which phrase can be used to introduce an example?

For example

What should be done in Step 4 of the process?

Restate the point of view in the conclusion

Which phrase should be avoided because it does not convey confidence in your ideas or opinions?


What is the purpose of Step 5 in the process?

Proofread the essay for errors

Which phrase can be used to add support or evidence?

Additionally, also, furthermore

Which type of words can be used to illustrate a point?

'For example, specifically, in particular'

'The many international travel restrictions during the pandemic are perfect reminders for us to look closer to home and enjoy our country’s God-given wonders of nature.' This statement is an example of:

A recommendation for a course of action

'To summarize', 'in summary', 'to sum up' are examples of:

'Finally, briefly, in conclusion' closing words

Learn about the structure and key elements of a persuasive essay, including the introduction, body, and conclusion. Understand the process of expressing opinions clearly, providing strong support, and utilizing examples and additional information.

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