Structure of the Atom: Charged Particles and Atomic Divisibility

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Who identified the presence of the electron?

J.J. Thomson

What are the canal rays discovered by E. Goldstein?

Positively charged radiations

What is the charge of a proton?

Plus one

What is the mass of an electron compared to the mass of a proton?

Approximately 2000 times less

How was the atom thought to be composed based on the discovery of protons and electrons?

Composed of protons and electrons balancing their charges

What did E. Goldstein's discovery of canal rays ultimately lead to?

Discovery of protons

What was the big question regarding the structure of atoms?

What sort of structure do the particles of the atom form?

According to Dalton's atomic theory, what was the nature of the atom?

The atom was indivisible and indestructible.

Who was the first scientist to propose a model for the structure of an atom?

J.J. Thomson

What was the main challenge for scientists at the end of the 19th century?

To reveal the structure of the atom and explain its important properties.

What did J.J. Thomson propose about the structure of an atom?

The atom consists of a positively charged sphere and the electrons are embedded in it.

What led to the failure of Dalton's aspect of atomic theory?

The discovery of protons inside the atom.

What did J.J. Thomson's model explain about atoms?

Atoms are electrically neutral.

What were scientists trying to reveal about atoms based on a series of experiments?

The arrangement of sub-atomic particles within the atom.

'What makes the atom of one element different from the atom of another element?' is an example of:

A rhetorical question.

According to Thomson's model, what are atoms composed of?

A positively charged sphere with embedded electrons

Test your knowledge on the structure of the atom, charged particles, and atomic divisibility. Understand the contribution of scientists in revealing the presence of charged particles in an atom. Explore the concept of electric charge and its relation to rubbing two objects together.

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