Strategic Management Lesson 1: Overview

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From which two words is the term 'strategy' derived, as mentioned in the text?

What is the meaning of strategy according to the text?

In military parlance, what does strategy mean?

What level of management is responsible for devising a strategy?

What is the primary goal of a company's strategy?

What is the main focus of guerrilla marketing as per the text?

What did Carl von Clausewitz believe strategy should be based on in chaotic situations?

According to Sun Tzu, which form of victory is the highest and most admirable?

According to Sun Tzu, what are the five essentials for victory?

What does Sun Tzu emphasize as imperative for conquering the business warfare?


This quiz covers the overview of strategic management, focusing on the meaning and importance of strategy in an organizational context. It includes the long-term planning, resource utilization, and environmental adaptation to achieve the company's vision and mission.

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