Story Summary: Lencho's Hope in God

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Why did Lencho decide to write a letter to God?

He believed only God could help him and his family.

What was the main reason Lencho needed a hundred pesos?

To sow his field again and survive until the new crop.

Why was Lencho confident that God would help him?

Because he believed God sees everything, even one's deepest thoughts.

What was Lencho's profession?


How did Lencho feel after posting the letter to God?


What did Lencho write on the envelope of the letter to God?

'To God'

How did the postman react when he saw Lencho's letter addressed to God?

He laughed heartily and showed it to his boss.

What did Lencho believe about hunger based on the text?

'No one dies of hunger.'

Study Notes

Lencho's Hope

  • The people living in the solitary house in the valley have a single hope: help from God after a devastating loss.
  • Lencho's family is at risk of going hungry due to the loss of their crops.
  • Despite the situation, Lencho's people are optimistic, saying "no one dies of hunger."

Lencho's Characteristics

  • Lencho is a hardworking man, compared to an ox, who works tirelessly in the fields.
  • He is also literate, knowing how to write.

The Letter to God

  • Lencho writes a letter to God, addressing his desperation and pleading for help.
  • He requests 100 pesos to sow his field again and sustain his family until the next harvest.
  • He explains the reason for his plea: a hailstorm that destroyed his crops.
  • The letter is addressed "To God" and is placed in the mailbox.

The Post Office

  • A post office employee, who is also a postman, finds the letter to God and shows it to his boss, amused by the unusual address.
  • The employee has never encountered such an address in his career as a postman.

Experience a summary of a story about Lencho, a man facing a dire situation but holding on to hope in God. Follow Lencho's unwavering belief in divine assistance amidst challenges and setbacks.

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