Short Story Summary: The Author Narrates about Ace Shoe-makers

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What is the distinctive feature of the tenement where the Gessler Brothers' shop was located?

It had a board displaying the name 'Gessler Brothers'

What type of shoes did the Gessler Brothers specialize in making?

Customized footwear

How did the shoe-maker ensure that every pair of shoes fitted the wearer's feet perfectly?

By crafting each pair with care and finesse

What is described as the hallmark of the shoe made by the shoe-maker?

Rare artisanship and perfect fitting

What realization did the author come to at the age of fourteen?

The cobbler's shop was no ordinary shop.

How did Mr. Gessler view his work compared to the author's perception of it?

Mr. Gessler viewed his work as an art while the author didn't appreciate it.

Why did the author feel like visiting Mr. Gessler's shop was akin to visiting a church?

The shop was calm and tranquil like a church.

What did Mr. Gessler do immediately after the author expressed his desire for Russian leather boots?

He rose and got a piece of gold-brown leather.

How did Mr. Gessler react when the author informed him about the creaking walking boots?

He questioned if the leather had torn before use.

What made the author uneasy about Mr. Gessler's response to the complaint about creaking shoes?

"The seriousness with which Mr. Gessler responded" made him uneasy.

The quiz provides a summary of a short story where the author narrates his acquaintance with two brothers who were skilled shoe-makers in London. The story unfolds in the fashionable westend area of London, detailing the brothers' shop and clientele.

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