Specialized Connective Tissues: Cartilage and Bone

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What is a characteristic of cartilage?

It possesses a firm pliable matrix that resists mechanical stresses.

How do cartilage cells receive their nourishment?

From diffusion through the matrix.

What is the role of chondrogenic cells in cartilage?

They are derived from mesenchymal cells.

What is the main function of bone and cartilage in the body?

Supporting the body as part of the skeletal system.

What is a characteristic of bone matrix?

It is one of the hardest tissues of the body.

What are the cells in both cartilage and bone specialized to do?

Secrete the matrix in which they become trapped.

Which type of cartilage is located in the nose, larynx, and trachea?

Hyaline cartilage

What cells are derived from two sources: mesenchymal cells and chondrogenic cells of the inner cellular layer of the perichondrium?


Where is elastic cartilage located?

Pinna of the ear

What is essential for the growth and maintenance of cartilage?


What type of cartilage possesses abundant elastic fibers interposed with collagen fiber bundles?

Elastic cartilage

What type of cells are chondroblasts derived from?

Chondrogenic cells

Where is fibrocartilage present?

Intervertebral disks

What gives elastic cartilage its flexibility?

Elastic fibers

What do chondrocytes produce in fibrocartilage?

Collagen fibers

What is the most common type of cartilage in the body?

Hyaline cartilage

Explore the characteristics and functions of cartilage and bone as specialized connective tissues. Learn about their unique matrix composition and the specialized cells involved in their formation.

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