Songhai Empire: Animism and Islam

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What was the role of tierkei in the Songhai Empire?

How did Sunni Ali's approach to religion differ from Muhammad I's?

Why were people living outside of cities in the Songhai Empire reluctant to embrace Islam as the official religion?

How did the king of Songhai use his beliefs in animism in battles?

What role did the sorcerers known as tierkei play in the Songhai Empire?

What was the primary reason for people living outside of cities in the Songhai Empire to hold on to their animist beliefs instead of embracing Islam?

What was the significance of Gao and Djenne in the context of the Songhai Empire?

How did the Portuguese presence on the West African coast impact the territorial control of the Songhai Empire?

What action did Muhammad I take in an attempt to make Islam the official religion of the Songhai Empire?

What led to the collapse of Mali's empire, creating an opportunity for Songhai to take control of areas it once occupied?


Test your knowledge about the coexistence of animism and Islam in the Songhai Empire, and the rulers' approaches to religion and governance. Explore how religious beliefs influenced political decisions and societal dynamics in the empire.

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