Soil Types in India

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What percentage of the world's buffalo population is found in India?


Where is coal mostly obtained from in India?

Madhya Pradesh

How many distinct species of fish are known to exist in India?


Which mineral resource does India have the 7th largest reserve in the world as of 2013?

Manganese ore

In which states can petroleum products be obtained in India?

Assam and Gujarat

Which Indian rivers have more than 400 species of fish found in them?

Ganges and Yamuna

Which type of soil is found in regions of heavy rainfall and high humidity?

Peaty and Marshy soil

What type of crops are suitable for the infertile soil in the Rann of Kutch?

Leguminous crops

Which part of India is rich in minerals such as iron, copper, gold, and silver?


What is the economic importance of forests in India?

Main source of firewood

What percentage of India's geographical area is covered by forests?


Which region in India is known for its abundance of biotic resources including forests and wildlife?


What property of a certain material leads to its use as building bricks in southern India?

Rapid hardening

In which regions can Mountainous or Forest Soil be found?

Forest regions with sufficient rainfall

What is a characteristic of Arid or Desert Soils in western Rajasthan?

Saline nature

Where are Saline and Alkaline Soils mostly found in India?

Western India

Which type of soil is fertile in the lower valleys?

Mountainous or Forest Soil

Learn about different soil types found in India, such as saline soil in the Rann of Kutch and peaty/marshy soil in regions with heavy rainfall. Understand the characteristics and suitability of these soil types for various crops.

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