Sociology: Introduction to Culture

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What did Edward Tylor mean by 'culture'?

Which type of culture refers to objects made by human beings and is crucial to enhance the quality of life?

What does non-material culture mainly consist of?

Which type of culture is the product of industrial societies?

According to the text, what does culture mainly serve as for a member of society?

What does the Latin word 'cultura', from which 'culture' is derived, mean?

Which term refers to the rules and behavioral expectations by which a society guides the behaviors of its members?

What is the term for a group of people that have something in common with each other which distinguishes them from other social groups?

Which aspect of culture involves standards of what is good or bad, and desirable or undesirable?

What type of knowledge is immediate and not mediated?

Which characteristic of culture refers to it being man-made and not a force operating independently?

What does language enable us to transmit from one generation to the next?

Which term refers to anything used to represent, express, and stand for an event or situation?

What type of knowledge is mediated and not immediate?

Which aspect of culture involves the gradual change due to migration and globalization?

What enables social interaction possible and is considered as one of the components of culture?


This quiz provides an introduction to the concept of culture in sociology, including the origin of the term 'culture' by Edward Tylor and its various components such as knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, and customs. It explores the significance of culture as a way of thinking, feeling, and believing.

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