Sociological Theories and Concepts

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According to the Structural Strain Theory, which group of people accepts both the goals and means of society?


Which group of people in the Structural Strain Theory accepts the society's goals but rejects the means to achieve those goals?


What characterizes Retreatists according to the Structural Strain Theory?

Reject both the goals and means of society

Which behavior is considered a form of deviance by Robert Merton?

Being an Innovator

What differentiates Innovators from Ritualists according to Robert Merton's Theory?

Accepting society's means

Which group in Robert Merton's concept deviates from the norm by rejecting the society's goals while accepting the means?


What do rebels do according to the text?

Reject goals and means

Why are rebels considered deviant in the text?

They want to create new goals and means for society

What was the driving force behind the establishment of universal human rights?

Recognition of the importance of human dignity and equality

What is the role of the Commission on Human Rights as mentioned in the text?

Overseeing the implementation of human rights

Why is human dignity described as personal and invaluable in the text?

It is fundamental to one's self-respect and self-regard

Which concept guarantees freedom from degrading behavior, discrimination, and prejudice views?

Human dignity

Explore sociological theories like the Structural Strain Theory by Robert Merton and the positive effects of gossip and ostracism in groups. Learn about deviance, societal norms, and different classifications of behavior in society.

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